6 Must See Movies at Annapolis Harbour Center in Early 2018

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The Best Films to Watch at Annapolis Harbour Center in Early 2018

Residents of Annapolis, Maryland are fortunate to have Annapolis Harbour Center right around the corner – a place where people are able to shop, dine and enjoy unique events during any given day or night of the week. Bow Tie Cinemas at Harbour 9 theatre is also a part of Annapolis Harbour Center and serves as the hottest place for Annapolis residents to catch the latest released films. Here are five can’t miss movies to watch at Annapolis Harbour Center in 2018!

1. Black Panther

This Marvel Studios masterpiece is another installation of a famous comic coming to the big screen. This is the eighteenth Marvel based film and is directed by Ryan Coogler who also stitched together the infamous Fruitvale Station. Starring Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther is filled with interesting characters, action and cunning enemies with their hearts set on worldwide consequences. The film is bound to be the center of quite the conversation for 2018, so check it out while it’s still in theaters.

2. Vakhtangov Theatre: Uncle Vanya

A Golden Mask winner for best drama, Vakhtangov Theatre’s presentation of Uncle Vanya is based off of the same show that recently opened at the Vaudeville. Even though this version is true to the original storyline, there’s a much different feel than expected. Between the theatre-like music, mimes and symbols, Uncle Vanya is an extremely unique and artistic movie that everyone should give a chance this year!

3. Game Night

With a star-studded cast of Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams and Billy Magnussen, Game Night is a thriller comedy that will keep even the calmest of people on the edge of their seats. The main characters, Max and Annie, are a couple that host a weekly game night with family and friends. Their life takes a turn for the worst when Max’s brother, Brooks, get kidnapped. Even though this movie takes place over the course of just one night, the six gaming characters in the film are put through unexpected crazy twists, turns and challenges, which could lead to the best game night of their life – or the worst.

4. Annihilation

Adventure, drama and fantasy all packed into one incredible film, Annihilation follows a biologist who embarks on a dangerous secret mission where there are no rules of nature to save him. Directed by Alex Garland, Annihilation includes an all-star cast with Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and Oscar Isaac. Based off of a science-fiction novel, the film will be especially pleasing to those who are interested in alien-like themes, drama and surreal settings that transport you into another time and place. Although it can be a bit hard to stitch together and understand the storyline, Annihilation is too unique and special to miss out on seeing this year.

5. Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence fans, rejoice! Red Sparrow stars Lawrence as the protagonist, Dominika Egorova, who becomes unwillingly drafted to become a trained seductress in the Russian security service. Even though she is able to use her body as a weapon, Dominika has a huge problem with the way her body is treated during the process. The film starts off with Lawrence’s character resisting her role, but she soon becomes powerful in the corrupt Russian security service. Excelling at her job in every way – she soon experiences an obstacle in her work when she crosses paths with Nate Nash, an American CIA officer.

6. Alpha

Taking place in the last Ice Age, Alpha is one big adventure from start to finish. The film is set in Europe – 20,000 years ago – and follows a young man who embarks on the first ever hunt with his tribe. He becomes seriously injured while out hunting and is left for dead. When he wakes up, he finds that he isn’t just physically scarred – he’s emotionally and mentally broken, too. After taking in a lone wolf and taming it to be his companion, the young man must fight on as the two new companions try their hardest to go on. In a fight with the natural world, he must beat the odds to survive!

See a Movie at Annapolis Harbour Center Today

Those who are out shopping in Annapolis Harbour Center should make it a priority to see at least one of the new, exciting movies being released in early 2018 at the Bow Tie Cinemas Harbour 9 theatre. For show times, special events, ticket pricing and more general information, feel free to contact the theatre by calling 410.224.1145.


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