5 Items that Will Keep You Cozy this Winter at Annapolis Harbour Center

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Complete Your Winter Wardrobe With These Quality Finds

Winter weather is drawing closer and closer each day in the charming town of Annapolis, Maryland, so it’s no wonder why so many have taken to the popular Annapolis Harbour Center to shop for some cozy winter items the past couple weeks. For those who are still in need of some new winter gear, check out these awesome items sold at Annapolis Harbour Center:

1.     Boots from DSW

DSW is a favored shoe retailer known for selling hundreds of high-quality brands for a much lower price. Before heading over to the DSW at Annapolis Harbour Center, people can actually search for boots on the store’s website by price, brand, gender, style and material preference, depending on what kind of boots they’re looking for. The most popular types of winter boots being sold at DSW right now include brands like Marc Fisher, Madden Girl, Tommy Hilfiger, Lauren Ralph Lauren and more. As an added bonus, shoppers can also purchase coordinating winter accessories for their boots at DSW, from scarves to handbags.

2.     A Sweater from Francesca’s

The Francesca’s in Annapolis Harbour Center offers so many different fun and affordable sweaters that are perfect for completing any woman’s winter wardrobe. The owners of each Francesca store make sure that there is always a unique mix of carefully selected clothing, accessories and gifts for women who shop there – no two items are ever the same. Shoppers who find themselves in the fun boutique of Annapolis Harbour Center will be able to choose from a large number of sweaters that are ideal for wearing in the chilly Maryland winter weather. Cardigans, knit pullovers, crocheted sweaters and lace-up sweaters are just some of the many possibilities that will keep any woman warm – and fashionable – throughout the winter season.

3.     A Coat from Nordstrom Rack

Coats are a true staple of any winter wardrobe. While there are a lot of places to shop for women at Annapolis Harbour Center, Nordstrom Rack is a retailer that sells an equal amount of clothing and accessories for both women and men to wear this season. With a highly qualified team of customer service specialists ready to greet and help customers explore the many options within the store, Nordstrom Rack is the place to go for coats to wear in the wintertime.

A variety of materials, colors, brands and styles await the shoppers of Annapolis Harbour Center at this high class store, which sells all of their coats at a reasonable price – even if it’s a designer brand.

4.     A Scarf from LOFT

Similar to satchels and jewelry, scarves are one of those accessories that can be worn by men and women alike – and the LOFT store at Annapolis Harbour Center carries so many of them for the chilly winter season. Once shoppers enter this LOFT location, they’ll find that there are a handful of scarves to choose from. Most importantly, they’re the best types for everyday glamour and casual wear. Infinity scarves, tassel scarves, textured scarves, silk scarves – the list goes on and on. LOFT also offers exclusive deals on a daily basis, including flash sales, clearance items and 50% off days.

5.     An Athletic Wear Jacket from Athleta

Heading to and from the gym or fitness studio can be challenging in the winter, dealing with higher temperatures while working out and opposing cold weather once the exercise is over. For the active women who always maintain their workout schedule, even in the winter, an athletic wear jacket from Athleta is a great way to expand a winter wardrobe. Each and every type of athletic wear jacket at the Athleta of Annapolis Harbour Center delivers the ultimate performance advantage, acting as a means to keep warm – but they’re also outerwear items that women can still wear comfortably around the gym.

Visit Annapolis Harbour Center this Winter Season

It’s not too late to snag some of these exclusive winter wear items – just visit Annapolis Harbour Center, which is conveniently located at 2512 A Solomons Island Road in Annapolis, Maryland between the hours of 10 A.M. and 9 P.M.

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